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Implementing the policies of the LEB Ministerial Forum requires coordination and information exchange between the various jurisdictions, regional NRM bodies and other stakeholders in the Basin.

The LEB jurisdictions, the Community Advisory Committee, the Scientific Advisory Panel and key community groups in the Basin are collaborating to develop and implement strategies under the LEB Agreement that create synergies across the Basin while avoiding duplication with existing initiatives.

Issues addressed by current priority strategies under the Agreement include:

  • Coordination and consistency of approach to aquatic and terrestrial weed and feral animal management activities.
  • Assessment of the need for convergence and/or alignment of legislation, policy and planning for water resource management in different jurisdictions.
  • Best practice in road and other engineering works that have potential to significantly affect the distribution and timing of river flows.
  • Potential for coordination of water quality monitoring and data management frameworks across jurisdictions to enable data collation, analysis, comparison and reporting at regional, catchment and whole-of-basin scales.
  • Promotion of a Basin-wide approach to NRM decision-making, including the comprehensive assessment of water resource development proposals for their appropriateness for Lake Eyre Basin river systems and catchments.
  • Communication needs, including:
    • integration of the LEB Rivers Assessment outcomes into water and related natural resource management decision-making
    • continued engagement of non-Indigenous and Indigenous stakeholders to ensure that local knowledge is recognised and utilised in assessment and management of the Basin
    • annual reporting to the Basin community on progress in implementing the Agreement
    • improved access for community and other stakeholders to information on the economic, social, environmental and heritage values of the Basin.