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LEB Biennial Conference

LEB 2010 Biennial conference in Alice Springs.  Photo - Matt TurnerLEB 2010 Biennial conference in Alice Springs.
Photo - M Turner

Under the Lake Eyre Basin Intergovernmental Agreement the Ministerial Forum convenes a conference to be attended by the members of the Ministerial Forum, members of committees appointed or adopted under this Agreement and other interested groups, individuals, scientific, industry stakeholders, technical advisers and senior government officers. The conference is held on at least a biennial basis.

The aim of the Conference is to provide the opportunity for members of the Lake Eyre Basin community with an interest in the sustainable management of the Basin to exchange information and views relevant to the implementation of the Lake Eyre Basin Intergovernmental Agreement.

Conference queries can be directed to the LEB Facilitator, Vol Norris.

Lake Eyre Basin Biennial Conferences

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6th LEB Biennial Conference, 17-19 September 2013, Port Augusta, South Australia

Basin voice: shared understanding and action for a sustainable LEB future
Linking science and management

Continuing the tradition of connecting with regional communities, the 2013 LEB Conference visited the South Australian rangelands town of Port Augusta, a fitting location for individuals, organisations and governments with an interest in the sustainable management of the Basin to gather and exchange information and views relevant to the implementation of the Lake Eyre Basin Intergovernmental Agreement. Nearly 140 people attended the event, with broad representation across industry sectors, Indigenous communities, science, conservation groups, regional NRM and government.

The two key goals of the Conference were:

  1. To share knowledge of water and natural resources, their use, enjoyment and management, across the Lake Eyre Basin
  2. To advance Strategic Adaptive Management in the Lake Eyre Basin

A program of oral presentations, landholder stories, poster displays, small group discussions, social gatherings and local field trips created multiple opportunities for the exchange of views and knowledge about the natural, cultural, economic and social resilience of the Basin to current and future threats and pressures, and explored what we can do, as a connected community, to manage the system sustainably.

Conference Papers

6th Biennial Lake Eyre Basin Conference

5th LEB Biennial Conference, 13-15 September 2010, Alice Springs

The Future of the Lake Eyre Basin - A Participatory Conference

The fifth Biennial Lake Eyre Basin Conference, held at the Crowne Plaza in Alice Springs, focussed on lessons from the past and pathways into the future for the Basin. In this 10th anniversary year of the signing of the LEB Agreement, the conference looked briefly over the past 10 years, then 10 years forward to a rich spectrum of possible futures for communities, industries, environments and technologies in the Basin. Through a mix of invited presentations and facilitated futuring workshops, the conference challenged attendees to imagine and prepare for the futures that may await the Basin, based on regional, national and global trends.

In the tradition of past LEB conferences, the 2010 Conference again mixed strong community input and knowledge with technical and scientific contributions from leading researchers, resulting in a robust discussion of the future among a wide range of interests and people.

Invited speakers provided thought-provoking presentations based around four key themes - 'community', 'environment', 'industry' and 'technology' - leading into workshop sessions that scoped out an understanding of what the future may bring and how the Basin community can rise to the challenges that emerge.

4th LEB Biennial Conference, Longreach, September 2008

Lake Eyre Basin Agreement - Foundations for a Five Year Action Plan

The fourth Lake Eyre Basin Biennial Conference was held on the 15th and 16th of September 2008 in Longreach, Queensland, at the RM Williams Cottage, Longreach Stockman's Hall of Fame and Outback Heritage Centre.

Based around the theme 'The Lake Eyre Basin Agreement - Foundations for a Five Year Action Plan', the conference was an opportunity for participating governments, Community and Scientific Advisory Committees, Regional NRM Boards and their associated Catchment or District Committees/Groups, and related State/Territory departments, local government agencies, industry groups and NGO's to discuss future planning for the Lake Eyre Basin Agreement.

The conference aimed to discuss and make recommendations on the foundations, directions and core content of the Five Year Action Plan, and exchange knowledge and plan key collaborations among the main groups involved in natural resource management in the Basin. The conference generated 32 recommendations for the Five Year Action Plan.

Feedback on the conference was positive and indicated that the event was successful in:

  • deepening understanding and learning about the Basin
  • in providing effective networking, interaction and engagement, and
  • in tapping into the enthusiasm and innovation of participants to plan for the future.

3rd LEB Biennial Conference, Renmark, 2006

People, Place and Possibilities

The third Lake Eyre Basin Biennial Conference was held at the Chaffey Theatre in Renmark, South Australia, on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th September 2006, closely linked to the 2006 Biennial Conference of the Australian Rangeland Society.

Together, the two conferences occupied the week from 4th to 8th September 2006, with opportunities for delegates to attend both conferences, or parts of each.

Drawing on the conference themes, 'People, Place and Possibilities', the LEB conference brought together a wide range of people from the community, government, industry and research sectors, and developed clear messages for the first, formal 5-year review of the LEB Agreement conducted in 2006-07. Key messages included:

  • the uniqueness of the Lake Eyre Basin on a world scale
  • the inseparable links between people and place, and the need to deal with them together
  • the importance of community involvement, especially Aboriginal communities of the Basin
  • the importance of leadership and diversity
  • the importance of continued improvements in our knowledge of the Basin.

Proceedings of the 2006 Biennial Lake Eyre Basin Conference - Renmark, 2006

2nd LEB Biennial Conference, Alice Springs, 2004

Working together and Sharing Knowledge

The second Lake Eyre Basin Biennial Conference was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Alice Springs on the 27-29 October 2004. The Conference coincided with the fourth anniversary of the signing of the Lake Eyre Basin Intergovernmental Agreement. The conference also welcomed the Northern Territory, which became signatory to the agreement in June 2004.

The themes for the Conference:

  • Working together
  • Sharing knowledge

Proceedings of the 2004 Biennial Lake Eyre Basin Conference - Alice Springs, 2004 (PDF - 8 MB)

1st LEB Biennial Conference, Birdsville, 2002


The inaugural Lake Eyre Basin Ministerial Forum Biennial Conference was held at the Birdsville Community Hall on 25-26 October 2002. The Conference was held in conjunction with meetings of the Lake Eyre Basin Ministerial Forum, the Cooper Creek and Georgina-Diamantina Catchment Committees, the Lake Eyre Basin Community Advisory Committee and the Lake Eyre Basin Scientific Advisory Panel.

The themes of the Conference:

  • Water for Wildlife and Nature Conservation
  • Water for Society and Culture
  • Water for making a Living

Proceedings of the 2002 Biennial Lake Eyre Basin Conference - Birdsville, 2002 (PDF - 928.34 KB)