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3rd Biennial Lake Eyre Basin Conference

7-8 September 2006, Chaffey Theatre, Renmark SA

People, Place and Possibilities


Proceedings of the 2006 Biennial Lake Eyre Basin Conference - Renmark, 2006 - full report (PDF - 40.92 MB)

LEB proceedings 01-Contents and Program (PDF - 798.63 KB)
LEB proceedings 02-presentations A-C (PDF - 5.92 MB)
LEB proceedings 03-presentations Dahm (PDF - 12.42 MB)
LEB proceedings 04-presentations D-H (PDF - 3.67 MB)
LEB proceedings 05-presentations K-R (PDF - 5.48 MB)
LEB proceedings 06-presentations S1 (PDF - 5.61 MB)
LEB proceedings 07-presentations Scholz (PDF - 4.04 MB)
LEB proceedings 08-presentations T-Z (PDF - 3.36 MB)
LEB proceedings 08-presentations T-Z (PDF - 3.36 MB)
LEB proceedings 09-posters, workshops, closing & delegates (PDF - 201.95 KB)

About the conference

The third Lake Eyre Basin Biennial Conference was held at the Chaffey Theatre in Renmark, South Australia, on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th September 2006, closely linked to the 2006 Biennial Conference of the Australian Rangeland Society.

Together, the two conferences occupied the week from 4th to 8th September 2006, with opportunities for delegates to attend both conferences, or parts of each.

Drawing on the conference themes, 'People, Place and Possibilities', the LEB conference brought together a wide range of people from the community, government, industry and research sectors, and developed clear messages for the first, formal 5-year review of the LEB Agreement conducted in 2006-07. Key messages included:

  • the uniqueness of the Lake Eyre Basin on a world scale
  • the inseparable links between people and place, and the need to deal with them together
  • the importance of community involvement, especially Aboriginal communities of the Basin
  • the importance of leadership and diversity
  • the importance of continued improvements in our knowledge of the Basin.