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Data Sources

Water places and waterways data sources

NTDepartment of Land Resources Management
SADepartment of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
QldSilcock, J. (2009) Identification of Permanent Refuge Waterbodies in the Cooper Creek & Georgina-Diamantina catchments. South Australia Arid Lands Natural Resource Management Board
QldGAB springs dataset - Rod Fensham, University of Queensland
OtherGeoscience Australia - Geographical Names Maps in Australia online database -
OtherLuise Hercus, Australian National university

Trade routes data sources

The Trade Routes layer is a synthesis of multiple sources - academic consensus in published literature (maps and extrapolation from text), personal communications, workshop outputs and advice of the PMG. Donovan, V. and Wall, C., 2004. Making connections: A journey along Central Australian Aboriginal trading routes, Arts Queensland

Roth W.E., 1897. Ethnological studies among North-west Central Australian Aborigines, Vol. 1, Government Printer.

Kerwin, Qld Historical Atlas online, Aboriginal Dreaming Paths and Trading Ways,

Kerwin, D., 2006. Aboriginal Dreaming Tracks or Trading Paths: The Common Ways, PhD Thesis, Griffith University, Queensland.

McBryde, I. 1987 Goods from another country: Exchange networks and the people of the Lake Eyre Basin. In D.J. Mulvaney and J.P. White (eds), Australians to 1788, pp.252-273. Broadway, NSW: Fairfax, Syme and Weldon Associates.
McBryde, I. 2000 Travellers in storied landscapes: A case study in exchanges and heritage. Aboriginal History 24:152-174

Mulvaney, D. J. (Derek John) & Kamminga, Johan (1999). Prehistory of Australia Allen & Unwin, St Leonards, NSW

Tibbet, Kevin, (2002) Archaeological analysis of stone axe exchange networks in the Lake Eyre Basin during the mid- to late Holocene. Australian Archaeology 55: 22-29.

Smith, M., 2013, The Archaeology of Australia’s Deserts, Cambridge University Press

Smith, M.; McBryde, I.; Ross, J. 2010. The Economics of Grindstone Production at Narcoonowie Quarry, Strzelecki Desert’. Australian Aboriginal Studies, Vol. 2010, No. 1, Spring 2010

Tibbett, K. 2005. Community specialisation, standardisation and exchange in a hunter-gatherer society: a case study from Kalkadoon country, northwest Queensland, Australia. PhD thesis, James Cook University.

Parks and Wildlife Commission NT. 2009. West MacDonnell (Tyurretye) National Park Draft Joint Management Plan, NT Government

Luise Hercus, personal communication, 2011

Dean AhChee, personal communication, 2011

Joc Schmiechen, personal communication, 2011-2014

Dept. of Land Resource Management. 2011. Notes of LEB Aboriginal Map 2011 Tibooburra Workshop - Trade Routes Layer.

Language groups data sources

The data sources listed below were used in the development of the Language Groups layer.

Gavan Breen, Institute for Aboriginal Development, Alice Springs

Dick Kimber, historian, Alice Springs

Personal communications with many individual Aboriginal stakeholders

Western Local Land Services (Western Catchment Aboriginal Reference Advisory Group)

AUSTLANG (Australian Indigenous Languages Database) accessed 2011-2012

AIATSIS Aboriginal Australia Map (2000 edn)

Tindale, N. (1997) Tribal boundaries in Aboriginal Australia Map

Advice of Project Management Group

Story and Songlines data sources

Story and songlines were pulled from the following data sources.

Emu Story (SA)

From stories and songs of Mick McLean Irinyili recorded by Luise Hercus and mapped by Colin Macdonald.

‘Thutirla Pula' Two Boys Dreamtime Story (SA/Qld)

Derived from graphics on interpretive signage at Thutirla Pula site, Birdsville

Two Rainbow Serpents travelling story (SA/NSW)

Derived from maps by Colin Macdonald in Beckett & Hercus (2009) 'The Two Rainbow Serpents Travelling: Mura track narratives from the ‘Corner Country’, ANU E Press and Aboriginal History Inc.

North-west Qld LEB storylines

Davidson, I., Tarrago, I. & Sullivan, T. 'Market Forces', chapter in (2004) Making Connections: A journey along Central Australian Aboriginal trading routes, Arts Queensland

Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre formation story

Original text provided by Arabana elder, Syd Strangways; reproduced (with permission) by SA National Parks and Wildlife in brochure titled Lake Eyre National Park Kati Thanda; amended by Arabana elder, Ken Buzzacott, in 2013.

Aboriginal managed lands data sources

Aboriginal Land Trust, NT Aboriginal pastoral properties, joint-managed Parks, Indigenous Protected Areas

NT Dept of Parks and Wildlife; NT Dept of Lands, Planning and Environment

SA Aboriginal pastoral properties, co-managed Parks, Indigenous Protected Areas, Aboriginal Managed Land (definition from SAAL NRM Plan)

SA Dept of Environment, Water and Natural Resources

Qld Aboriginal Land Trusts

Qld Dept of Natural Resources and Mines

Roads and populated places data sources

Roads and towns

Geoscience Australia

Aboriginal communities (NT)

NT Dept of Lands, Planning and Environment

Aboriginal Populated Place Names

State/Territory registered place names databases
Pers comms Aboriginal stakeholders