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Lake Eyre North near Warburton Creek. Photo: M Turner

If you are a researching for information on Australia's Lake Eyre Basin, you may find the links below useful for your study.

Lake Eyre Basin Ministerial Forum publications

The Lake Eyre Basin Intergovernmental Agreement promotes a partnership between jurisdictions and key stakeholders including Natural Resource Management groups, industry and Aboriginal communities. The Lake Eyre Basin Ministerial Forum, Community Advisory Committee and Scientific Advisory Panel assist in implementing the Agreement. The link below provides access to the range of publications produced by these committees.

Lake Eyre Basin Poster Map

This colourful poster map (1108mm x 867mm) is surrounded by more than 40 photos and diagrams with detailed captions and loads of information about rivers and wetlands, plants and animals, climate, terrain, towns, homestead names, Aboriginal lands, parks and reserves, land use, the management of natural resources in the Lake Eyre Basin and more.

To purchase the poster map please contact the distributor:

Desert Channels Queensland
(07) 4658 0600
92 Galah St (PO Box 601)
Longreach QLD 4730

The poster retails for $40.00 inc GST ($25.00 for Basin residents), plus postage and packaging. All proceeds go towards raising awareness of this unique part of Australia.

The 2010 edition was produced through a partnership between the Lake Eyre Basin Ministerial Forum and Desert Channels Queensland.

Lake Eyre Basin - Natural Resource Management information

Below are links to the Natural Resource Management boards that are responsible for the management of regions within the Lake Eyre Basin.